Types and prices of dental implants

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Prices of the dental implants

Today with our dental insurance implants will cost you 550€ per unit. We all know that implant treatment presupposes important costs to anyone who decides to collocate them. That is why in Grup Dr. Blade we understand that often it is difficult for the family finances to undertake such a treatment by having many times to combine it with other dental treatments also needed within the same family, such as possible periodontal and orthodontic treatments.

But we should be aware that to guarantee the health and aesthetics of the implants, a strict protocol should be followed and at the same time specific costs should be covered.

Therefore we want to offer you the best facilities to finance such cost and other treatments and an exclusive non-expiring DENTAL INSURANCE POLICY with which each implant will cost you 550 euros, as well as the benefit of 1 year in case of wear or damage of the prosthesis or crowns, and other advantages and coverages free of charge.


Here in Grup Dr. Blade we have the latest techniques and best quality products for implantation to assure the a biocompatibility with the patient and a better regeneration after the surgery. Scientific research on these implants shows the minimal bone loss and the optimal state of the gums in the long-term.

We want you to know the name and the brand of the implants we use so that you could verify the quality of our work.

We use the CAD/CAM techniques to design the teeth to be placed in order to attain a better fitting and less bacteria penetration, and all this doesn’t presuppose any additional cost to the treatment.
Generally one single implant may involve up to 16 hours of work for a professional.

Types of the dental implants

The two brands of implants with the highest level of scientific development and best results in the preservation of bone and gums are: Straumann and Astra Tech.

Astra Tech implants

Astratech BladeGrup

The implant of the ASTRA TECH System™, has a design favorable to the process of the natural healing and doesn’t interfere with it. The Astra Tech implant has a chemically modified titanium surface and helps to stimulate and speed up the bone healing.

It has a micro-roughened surface that helps to create a stronger bone-to-implant bonding. The implant neck is composed of minute threads that facilitate the load distribution.

Advantages of the Astra Tech implants

Being a one hundred percent branch of AstraZeneca, a global pharmaceutical group dedicated to research, we have a long tradition of the development of the innovative products.

Extensive scientific documentation of clinical studies confirms that the Astra Tech Implant System makes it possible to get excellent results both in the short and long terms. And nevertheless we continuously strive to improve even more the implant system, the market leader.

OsseoSpeed is a perfect example. It is a fluoride-modified implant surface that generates more bone and speeds up the healing process. This patented innovation gives possibilities for more people to substitute safely their teeth that would look, function and feel like natural ones.

Read more http://www.dentsplyimplants.co.uk

Straumann implants

implantes straumann

The prosthetic components of the line of Straumann implants are designed to provide highly aesthetic restorations that perfectly imitate natural teeth. These components of the implant line, designed to fit the profiles of the abutments, allowed to easily obtain aesthetic results by the conditioning of the soft tissues.

Advantages of the Straumann implants

Swiss quality, international research. Straumann offers solutions for a wide range of dental indications, from the substitution of a single tooth to the rehabilitation of completely edentuous upper or lower jaws.

Straumann is one of the major producers of the dental implants, developed and manufactured in collaboration with the leading hospitals, institutes and universities.

In the past 30 years over four million Straumann implants have been sold.

Straumann is an international group of companies with headquarter in Basel that distributes its products in over 60 countries.

Read more http://www.straumann.co.uk

Zygomatic implants

implantes zigomatic

They are implants used in the maxilla jaw and in particular in the area of molars. They are used when the amount of bone in this area is not enough to place the implants unless a previous intervention which consists of the sinus lifting and bone grafting is made. All this, apart from increasing the patient’s budget, would mean a longer time of rehabilitation of teeth in this area.

Today these implants have a great advantage since they reduce risks of a possible infection of the maxillary sinus especially for those patients that have had episodes of chronic sinusitis and also avoid a possible rejection of the collocated grafting.

It is necessary to perform a prior CAT of the maxilla and apply the guided surgery techniques and previous 3D simulation to place them.

Dentures or implants with anchors for a removable prosthesis

It is a good solution for patients, who have lost all the teeth (or they need to be extracted) and due to the lack of bone or not willing to undertake any bone drafting have to wear removable prosthesis (to be taken out and put on) with the constant insecurity of the patient when speaking or eating.

If it is a lower jaw only two implants are required, in case of an upper jaw – four implants.

sobre dentadura
implantes sobre dentadura

Advantages over dentures

  • The new prosthesis will not move and the patient will have confidence again. He will no longer have to use the adhesives or pads to fix the prosthesis.
  • He will not have any type of a frame or metal structure which improves the aesthetic appearance.
  • There is no need in grafting in order to collocate a prosthesis which affects the budget and means less time to have permanent teeth.
  • The progression of the osteoporosis is reduced, since the prosthesis does not move when eating or chewing, the bone is stimulated indirectly.
  • Helps improve facial features. When teeth are lost the distance between the nose and the chin often reduces. This all stresses the age of the patient and provokes the loss of self-esteem.
  • Lower risk of sores since the prosthesis is supported by the implants and not by the gums, which also prevents possible precancerous lesions.

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