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    The aesthetic devices are a clear alternative to the metal brackets. Unlike traditional braces, these ones will not affect your smile. They have an attractive translucent look and comfortable design, which gives you all the self-belief you need to meet each day with a smile.

    These braces are made of such materials as ceramics, plastic and in a similar way as traditional metal brackets. They have elastic ties and white metal ties to be used with these braces to help keep these devices less conspicuous.

    los brackets esteticos

    Sapphire braces

    Orthodontic treatment with sapphire braces is one of the most featured ones thanks to its high quality and aesthetics in orthodontia since they have excellent transparency properties. The sapphire provides the brackets with almost invisible color close to the hue of the teeth and remains like a transparent crystal throughout all the orthodontic treatment.

    For those who do not want the orthodontic devices to be noticed in your smile, sapphire braces are a solution.

    • No metal is visible.
    • Combine aesthetics, efficiency and comfort.
    • Translucent and transparent like a crystal.
    • Adheres to a tooth surface and takes it color.
    • Don’t interfere with talking and the accommodation period is short.
    • Don’t stain.

    Sapphire is a one of the most beautiful precious stones. It is combined with zirconia powder to make the sapphire braces very aesthetical and almost invisible.

    Porcelain braces

    • Until recently the porcelain brackets were in the first place among the cosmetic orthodontic treatments. These braces are white and are able to achieve an acceptable aesthetics with great comfort for a patient.

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