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    The invisible orthodontics is one of the most advanced procedures to solve various problems of dental aesthetics, as well as oral functionality. Clear Aligner is one of these invisible orthodontic types, which modify the position of the teeth from transparent, discrete and very comfortable splints.

    ortodoncia clear aligner

    The invisible orthodontics Clear Aligner is an optimal dental treatment to correct some problems of oral malocclusion, as well as alignment of teeth. This procedure is carried out from removable, safe and discrete devices. During the treatment, transparent splints are designed, which modify the dental situation without hardly appreciating the orthodontics.

    The Clear Aligner orthodontic treatment is carried out with transparent aligners that must be changed every so often, in order to achieve a perfectly aligned and functional smile.

    Types of Clear Aligner Aligners

    • Soft splints: they are placed at the beginning of the treatment with invisible orthodontics and they serve to displace the soft tissues of the mouth.
    • Medium splints: are needed in the intermediate stage of treatment and effectively displace the root tissues of the teeth.
    • Hard splints: these transparent aligners are placed in the last stage of the treatment, to place the teeth in their place.

    Advantages of Clear Aligner

    • Aesthetic orthodontics that is barely noticeable, thanks to its transparent splints.
    • Successful and fast results.
    • Greater patient comfort during treatment.
    • Better dental hygiene, because the appliance is removable.
    • Design of digital smile.
    • Less possibility of dental emergencies due to impacts on the brackets.
    • Less discomfort than with fixed orthodontics.
    • Dental esthetics throughout the procedure.

    Clear Aligner vs. Invisaling

    Among the treatments with invisible orthodontics, the most famous is Invisaling. Clear Aligner, meanwhile, has become a somewhat cheaper alternative to these procedures, which improve the aesthetics of the smile. The differences between one type of treatment and another lie, above all, in the design of the procedure and the manufacture of the aligners.

    Main differences between both invisible orthodontic techniques:

    1. Molds of the patient’s mouth

    With Invisaling only a mold of the patient’s oral cavity is made at the beginning of the treatment. With this unique mold and with the help of a powerful computer program, the entire treatment is designed from start to finish. From the first moment, the patient in question will have at his disposal all the splints (aligners) that he will have to use during the treatment of complete invisible orthodontics.
    With Clear Aligner it is necessary to take molds from the patient’s mouth before every change of transparent aligner. This can be a bit tedious, but in some cases it is an advantage, since the adjustments of the splints can be better.

    2. Digital smile design

    With both types of invisible orthodontics the smile is digitally designed. However, Invisaling has a much more powerful software, with which the dentist can design and plan the entire treatment from start to finish. In this way, before starting with aesthetic orthodontics, you can make the necessary changes to achieve the final objectives, a beautiful and aligned smile.
    Clear Aligner is more rudimentary in the approach of the treatment, since it resorts to the traditional molds of plaster to design the smile of the patient. The dentist does not have at his disposal visual information about the results of the procedure, as happens with Invisaling.

    Finally, the choice of one type of aesthetic or other orthodontics will depend both on the needs and demands of the patient and on the recommendations of the orthodontist of the dental clinic. Clear Aligner is the cheapest option, but its use may not be recommended in all cases. Therefore, it is advisable to go to a dental center with extensive experience in orthodontics, so that the result is a success.

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