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    The devices of this revolutionary system are discreet, comfortable and hygienic. Among its advantages there are the ability to maintain the teeth healthy and the absence of wires which improves the facial aesthetics.

    What difference does the Damon system have?

    The DAMON system is not only a new product, but also a completely new way of treating the patients. Conventional treatment often required extraction of healthy teeth and/or use the palate expander to expand the superior jaw and open space. The smiles with Damon orthodontic appliances are beaming, natural and are attained by using light wires that respect the biology; these devices are specifically designed to improve the general facial result of each patient.

    el brackets damon

    • Traditional brackets require elastic ties to maintain the arch in its position. The arches of the Damon system have a sliding mechanism without bands or ligatures.
    • No need to tighten the device.
    • Passive self-ligating systems are much more soft and comfortable for patients.
    • High-tech arches that move teeth faster and make the treatment shorter, which means less medical visits and possibility to get a beautiful smile sooner.

    Clinically proven advantages

      • Significantly better results.
      • Much shorter period of treatment.
      • Requires less adjustments.

      It is never late to get an excellent appearance. The DAMON System can be used for both adolescents and adults. It is not just for kids.

      • Traditional brackets require elastic ties to maintain the arch in its position.
      • The arches of the Damon system have a sliding mechanism that avoids frictions and ligatures.
      • Elastic ties produce volume of force and cause friction and pressure, which makes the process of the treatment longer and more uncomfortable.
      • With the Damon system teeth move much freely and comfortably.
      • Passive self-ligating braces are much softer for teeth.
      • High-tech arches move teeth faster and require less adjustments.
      • A new clinically proven treatment approach that aligns the teeth and improves the facial aesthetics (generally without any extractions).
      • Significantly better results.
      • Much shorter period of treatment.
      • Require less adjustments.

    Frequently asked questions about orthodontics Damon

    Are all the brackets similar?

    The Damon System not only aligns teeth, it helps to create lovely smiles that change the face, profile and other factors of the patient’s life, avoiding problems when you have 40, 50 years old or more and offering you results for the entire life.

    How long does the treatment last?

    Depending on an individual case the Damon system treatment period is up to 50% faster than with conventional brackets. Another advantage is fewer medical visits during the treatment needed.

    As the Damon system works that quickly, might this cause discomfort or risks?

    No. In fact, what makes the Damon system work that quickly is the use of forces much softer and biologically more natural than forces used in conventional braces. The system of a low friction guarantees a better positioning of teeth and greater facial harmony.

    Will I have a toothache after adjustments?

    We apply the arches of ultralight titanium with the “shape memory” to move teeth to the ideal position. The majority of people experience very little discomfort.

    Are the brackets large and thick?

    That was before! Nowadays the braces are much smaller than a few years ago and the new materials used make them very discreet.

    What about the treatment for adults?

    No problem. Adults can be treated rapidly, easily and most important getting a high quality result.

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