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    A new smile in one day, in one single visit

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    To be able to smile you don’t need unnumbered visits to the dentist’s room. We can offer you a healthy smile ready to shine your beautiful teeth.

    The program SmyleOne with specialized equipment and latest technologies at its disposal finds a solution to any pathology and improves the oral aesthetics in one day, with one single visit.

    SmyleOne personalized planning requires a preliminary visit, in which a personalized study of your teeth is made. During this session we make records and digital x-ray study of the 3D image that ensures the success of the treatment and allows us to design the dental prosthesis that will be placed the same day of the intervention.

    What does SmyleOne consist of?

    All the necessary treatments so that you could smile again can be made just in one session. Both the extractions and implant placement are performed with minimally invasive computer guided surgery, always under conscious sedation monitored by an anesthesiologist.

    What kind of program is it and what are the steps to follow to perform the SmyleOne treatment?

    What is an immediate dental implant?

    20 years ago it took us as much as 10 months to recover the missing teeth, and unnumbered visits to the dentist were necessary.

    Today thanks to our implant system and the latest radio-diagnosis techniques that we develop in the Grup Doctor Bladé, we have reduced the impact of the treatment that up to now traditional implants supposed to have. Thus from the very first session the patient leaves the dental clinic with fixed teeth.

    Besides it is important to clarify that the SURGERY is MINIMALLY INVASIVE AND PAINLESS.


    • Fast and effective: In just a single session the implants are inserted in a simple, predictable, fast and minimally invasive way. All this thanks to the latest techniques in 3D virtual planning, CAD/CAM technology and the quality and guarantee of the implants we use.
    • Guaranteed resultsYou will leave our dental clinic with permanent teeth that feel and look like natural ones. You will no longer need either prosthesis or adhesives to eat.
    • Reduced stress and fear of dentists: If you wish you can benefit from new dental sedation techniques with the SEDENTIST PROGRAM. The best way of collocation.

    The digital implantology or dental implant surgery guided by computer is one of the latest achievements in dentistry. The application of the digital technology for the diagnosis and implant treatment shows us a three-dimensional model of the patient’s mouth and bone, plan solutions and avoid surgical implications at the moment of intervention.

    How we design your smile?

    Smile design

    Thanks to the latest prosthesis technology in CAD/CAM we know the color, shape and the most optimal position of the teeth in each case. We achieve the perfect adjustment of the teeth and the optimal design of your smile, taking into account the oral problems that might arise.

    cuidar carillas dentales

    To finish the treatment a LED teeth whitening QuickWhite is included.

    What is the price of this treatment?

    In order to achieve an optimal result of the dental implant treatment, high quality techniques and materials, applied by trained professionals specialized in the latest developments in digital implantology, are required. In order to ensure the dental health and aesthetics it is crucial to follow the strict procedure which, in turn, has to cover some specific expenses.

      • The use of the most advanced technologies provide advantages at the phase before the implantation, since the dentist has a 3D simulation of the implants that tailors the surgical guides and produces and builds the provisional parts. The application of CAD/CAM for the permanent dental prosthesis design also allows us to make the better adjustment and to reduce the bacteria penetration. Some technical aspects that together with shipments and laboratory orders have an additional cost for the clinic.
      • The work of the professionals should be accurately done. This is why several phases of revision before and after implantation are realized. The dentist will have to choose the material most adequate for the patient, check the healing of the implants and their adaptation to the bone of the gum and follow the maintenance of the prosthesis after its final collocation. In general terms one single implant may presuppose up to 16 hours of work for a professional.
      • Before starting treatment and without any commitment on your part we will make a personalized study and give you the detailed cost sheet.
      • We will also offer you different forms of financing if you prefer or have such a need.

    Advantages of single day implants

    1. Fast and effective treatment

    Implants are inserted in a single session, using minimally invasive techniques. Thanks to new virtual planning technologies, CAD / CAM technology, quality and the guarantee of the implants we use, we can offer personalized and successful treatments.

    2. Guaranteed results

    The patient leaves the consultation with the dentist with permanent teeth. These teeth feel as if they were natural

    3. Reduction of fear of the dentist

    All our patients can benefit from the new techniques of conscious dental sedation, through the exclusive Sedentist program. This way we avoid the pain and stress of the patient suffering from odontophobia.

    In addition, digital implantology or computer-guided dental surgery is one of the latest advances in dentistry. The application of these cutting-edge technologies to diagnosis and treatment with dental implants helps us to have a three-dimensional model of the mouth, allowing us to plan solutions. Thus, the risks of immediate loading implants are negligible.

    Digital smile design

    Thanks to the CAD / CAM technology we obtain all the information about the color, the shape and the position that the new teeth should have. We achieve a perfect fit of the denture, through an optimal design of each smile.

    At the end of the treatment of the immediate loading implants, we perform a led dental whitening, through the QuickWhite system.

    Prices of immediate load implants

    Achieving an optimal result after the treatment of single-day dental implants requires using quality materials and techniques. The professionals in implantology must be trained to do so, as well as learn about the latest developments in digital implantology.

    To guarantee the health and aesthetics of new teeth, it is necessary to develop a strict procedure, which must cover very specific expenses.

    At Grup Doctor Bladé we offer different financing solutions for our treatments with single-day implants. After the personalized budget, our administration staff will inform about all available options and prices.

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