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    Advantages of dental implant and guided surgery

    Recover your oral and dental health, and aesthetics without fear, pain and in fewer visits.

    New technologies allow us to place implants without opening the gums or suturing, which gives us the possibility to place the implants on same day of the intervention.
    Dr. Antoni Serra

    Implants are a solution to the lack of stability and functionality of the teeth, as well as they help to recover a healthy and beautiful image for the rest of your life. The introduction of the best technologies in the field of implantology allows us to conduct treatments with minimally invasive computer guided surgery, which makes it possible to leave the dental room with a fixed dental prosthesis the same day of the intervention.

    los Implantes con cirugía guiada

    The best technologies are reflected in advantages in dental implantation. The latest developments in digital implantology make it possible that the patient leaves the clinic with the permanent implant prosthesis the same day of the intervention. The introduction of the CAD/CAM technology allows us to realize a 3D diagnosis that offers real images of the maxilla and gum to plan the exact location of the implants, and avoid problems that may arise at the moment of the intervention. Besides the modern implantology needs only a minimally invasive surgery that avoids opening the gum when placing each implant thanks to the 3D guide in computer.

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    What can I do not to feel anything either before or during the intervention?

    Pain-free dental implants with Sedentist

    If necessary or if you prefer so, the implants in our dental clinic in Barcelona are placed under conscious sedation or Sedentist method, that prevents pain and improves the collaboration between the patient and the specialist in each type of intervention and at all times, an anesthesiologist will monitor the patient’s state once sedated.

    What are the advantages of the guided surgery?


    • Immediate implants. Just in one session
    • Diagnosis through 3D images provides real images of the patient’s superior and inferior jaws, makes the virtual location of implants easier before the surgery.
    • Computerized tomography helps evaluate the bone density, improving the treatment implementation. By introducing the computer all details such as exact location that the implants will have, the specialist doesn’t need to lift the gum and can place the prosthesis immediately after inserting the implants. It refers to the minimally invasive surgery in one single session that makes the postoperative period less traumatic and painful.

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