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    Dental emergencies in Barcelona 24 hours

    The Grup Dr.Blade offer emergency services to all of its patients so that if required they could have a quick and effective solution of the dental problem emerged. As we are aware that such situation can often affect your general well-being and even cause a serious problem to your work and social relations, we have all necessary means to help you recover your normal activity in a short period of time.

    In case any of your dental prosthesis is broken in most cases we can resolve it rapidly since the prosthetic laboratory we work with is located very close to the clinic.

    Contact us 24h: 657 84 87 55  or

    las urgencias dentales

    Contact for dental emergencies: 657 84 87 55 or

    Emergency services for teeth and gums

    We treat all types of ailments related to gums:

    • Toothache incessant after taking analgesics.
    • Tooth and/or gum inflammation that does not stop after taking anti-inflammatory medicine.
    • Pus dental abscesses or dental periostitis.
    • Ache and/or abcess of the wisdom teeth.
    • Broken and fractured teeth.
    • Injures and falls to the front affecting teeth.
    • Sores and cankers in the mouth.
    • Earaches and/or pain in the bar or jaws.
    • Restricted mouth opening or swallowing.
    • Intense toothache after the nerve treatment.
    • Incessant bleeding after the tooth extraction that does not cease with the usual measures.

    Dental prosthesis emergency

    In case you have a dental crown, prosthesis or denture and you have any problem, we will also resolve it as soon as possible:

    • Some part of the removable (or to be put on and taken out) prosthesis is broken.
    • Some tooth of the prosthesis has fallen or fractured.
    • The screw that is carrying the crown has fallen.
    • Mobility of the bridge or any of the crowns.

    Dental implants emergency. Implantology

    If you have been involved in the process of dental implantation or your prosthesis is placed on implants and you have any of the following signs or symptoms, do not hesitate to contact us:

    • Incessant pain 2 days after surgical treatment that does not cease after taking the medicine prescribed.
    • Mobility of the bridge or crown located on the implant/s.
    • Inflammation of the gum around the implant that does not meliorate after tooth washing or taking anti-inflammatory medicine.
    • One of the teeth of the prosthesis over implants is fractured.
    • One of the anchors that hold the prosthesis is not fitted properly and the prosthesis falls out easily.
    • If the cap that covers the implant during the period of the healing is moving or falling out, it is necessary to fall back on the help of the dentist in order to avoid that the gum covers the implant.

    Emergencies in pediatric dentistry

    • Persistent pain that does not cease after taking children’s analgesics such as dalsi or similar.
    • Continuing fever associated with any sign of a dental origin: caries, gum’s redness, etc.
    • If a permanent tooth appears behing the primary tooth which has not yet fallen out.

    Orthodontic emergencies

    • Loosening or falling out of any bracket or band.
    • In case when any wire is loosen which may cause a little injury on the interior part of the cheek.
    • Persistent inflammation of the gums around the braces accompanied with slight bleeding.

    Medical emergencies

    • Cutaneous eruption after taking medicine prescribed for dental treatment.
    • Difficulty breathing and swallowing.
    • Persistent fever after treatment with surgery.
    • Intense earache.


    You can call our emergency telephone 24 hours : 657 84 87 55 or send us an email at: urgencias@bladegrup.comand we will contact you as soon as possible. Our emergency service hours are from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. from Monday to Sunday inclusive.
    The reception hours of the clinic are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

    657 848 755