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    Bruxism affects seven people out of ten

    Pain in jaws, muscle aches and contractions in the neck area or tooth wear. These symptoms may cause bruxism, the name by which involves the activity of involuntary teeth grinding during sleeping. Although it may seem a strange habit, in recent years it has increased by 30% and currently seven out of ten adults have bruxism.

    el bruxismo

    Solution for bruxism

    The only solution is a bite splint. It refers to a piece tailored to the patient’s mouth individually which is placed on the denture and allows the jaw muscles to relax. This avoids the ganging activity of the joints during the friction movement of the teeth which is not chewing.

    According to some studies addressed bruxism, people who have it can withstand a pressure of about 150 kg, when we chew we tension about 10 or 40 kg pressure. If the effects of bruxism are not prevented, it is possible to end up wearing and destroying part of our denture.

    There are recommendations on how to avoid this bad habit: e.g. sleeping on stomach, not consuming stimulant drinks like coffee, mind the posture and practice some kind of sports regularly, and of course avoid chewing gum.

    Dental physiotherapy soothes jaw pains and in the entire body

    Teeth grinding can be normal if we are experiencing a period of stress or just got this habit. There are physiotherapists who specialize in the treatment of the temporo-mandibular joints in order to sooth the pain provoked by the clenching activity. This is a service offered by some dental clinics, aimed to avoid the maintenance of this bad habit that can damage teeth and deteriorate the general well-being of the person.

    Dental physiotherapy

    The temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction is considered as a kind of disorder of the musculoskeletal system. It causes a type of pain more frequent in the orofacial part, but with a direct relation to the biomechanical and physiological aspects of the skull, neck and shoulder girdle.

    This is why if we don’t correct the temporo-mandibular joint, there is a risk of suffering pain in other parts of the muscles caused by bad general posture.

    Physical therapists help restore the functions of the joints, especially in masticatory system, which influence in recovering a correct postural body balance. Through advices or massage of the aching part the physical therapist relaxes the muscles and can sooth the pain of the patient.

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