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Francesca Sasó

Orthodontics with Damon System

My teeth have improved rapidly thanks to the brackets

Francesca had malpositioned teeth, but she wanted to improve its appearance and functionality. She fould a solution in the Clinic of Dr. Bladé – Damon bracket system. By now she has been using the braces for one year and two months, and had noticable pain only at the beginning. “I could live my normal life and get used to myself in braces in a short time”, says Francesca.

Fèlix Cano

47 years old – Implants and sedation

Dental fear became a phobia that Dr. Bladé resolved with Sedentist

Fèlix had a fear of dentists. Each time he made an appointment, he avoided it with any excuse. “I was so scared that I waited a long time until the problem became unsupportable”, he explains.

The Sedentist program of Dr. Bladé attracted his attention. On the first visit the doctor gave him confidence and he decided to undertake the intervention under the conscious sedation. As a result he got 5 implants and a healthy and beautiful smile.

Sònia Palasí

45 years old – Orthodontics with Invisalign

I wanted an inconspicuous orthodontic solution that would be unperceivable 

Sònia had very prominent teeth. This made her have less self-esteem, and in case if the occlusion was not corrected she could have ended up wearing the rest of the teeth.

“I knew that I wanted an unperceivable solution”, explains Sònia. This is why she chose Invisalign method, an invisible orthodontic treatment, although the results are seen over time.

Victor Manuel Cazorro

68 years old – Implantology

Implants have been the final solution to my problem. It is an investment that I don’t regret of.

Víctor Manuel Cazorro had dental problems for over 20 years.

He decided on the implantation technique because the bridges are not aesthetic looking or guarantee the same comfort.

In total Dr. Bladé placed in him eight implants, and now he doesn’t regret about it.

From now on the only visit he will have to make to the dentist will be once every three years to ensure the maintenance of the implants.

“It is an expensive solution, but a final one”, assures Víctor Manuel.

victor manuel cazorro opinion dentista

Carme Marí

52 years old – Implants

Besides aesthetics, I knew that the functionality of my teeth was in danger

A few years ago Carme Marí did not dare to smile or to even bite into sandwich.

She had a problem of the gum bone retraction. She first tried the treatment with bridges to resolve the gaps resulting from missing teeth, but she was not satisfied.

With the help of Dr. Bladé Carme found a solution: “I like how the implants feel and they look like my own teeth, something I would never imagine with bridges”.

Now she knows that this “has been the best lasting solution thanks to the reputable dentist”.

carmen mari opinion dentista

Mónica Alcañiz

52 years old – Implants and veneers

I never compared prices. I take my oral health very seriously . Dr. Bladé and his team gave me all the confidence I need.

Mónica Alcañiz believes that she has inherited a complicated denture. The first time she visited Dr. Bladé was to make an extraction. The insurance company advised so.

Since then she went on undertaking the treatments in this clinic and says that she feels secure here. “The staff is wonderful and they care a lot about the hygiene”, assures Mónica. She also adds that she comes from the other side of Barcelona to have an appointment here.

monica alcañiz opiniones dentistas

Mercè Martínez

53 years old – Orthodontics and  implantology

I had a bad experience with the dentist when I was ten. Today I can say that I have overcome the dental phobia.

Mercè Martínez had a fear of dentists. When she was a child she had a bad experience with a dentist, during an extraction.

In other dental clinics that she has visited she marks out the lack of the confidence due to the fact that the dentists were never the same: “There was a lot of turnover”, she says.

Mercè acknowledges that she has a complicated denture and thinks that to resolve her problem “a lot of creativity is needed, which I have found in Dr. Bladé”, she states.

Joan Cella

I found Dr. Bladé in the Internet and I trusted him.

Joan Cella panicked when he saw syringes. It had been ages since he needed to undertake a dental intervention, but he couldn’t find the right clinic. He came across with the Grup Doctor Bladé in the Internet and tried his luck. Joan left the clinic satisfied. He felt accomodated, “they have a human and reliable treatment”, he adds.

His new implants all done by Dr. Bladé didn’t hurt him at all. They were made in two sessions and both under the sedation treatment. “The syringe needle scares me, but I only felt a prick and then no pain”, explains Joan satisfied by the professionalism that he found at the clinic.

joan cella opinion dentistas

Arnau, Miguel and Elsa’s son


“With minimum food residue he felt tooth pain”, explain Miguel and Elsa about the problems of their son.

Arnau had these symptoms about a year. Poor diet had caused eight caries on primary teeth. Not having found any medical staff that could do anything, they decided on Dr. Bladé. The solution was to extract the affected teeth.

Arnau was nervous so the doctor decided to use the treatment with sedation. As a result a smile developed without pain.

From now on Arnau can chew with the tooth structure until the permanent teeth appear.

familia opinion dentistas

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