Questionnaire “Fear of dentistry”

Check your fear grade with this questionnaire:

Fear is a reaction to a known danger, while anxiety is a reaccion to an unknown threat when a person anticipates for him/herself the worst possible outcome.

Any of these situations can cause the loss of self-esteem and provoke a chain of depression and anxiety, which affects significantly the everyday life.

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    What do you feel when you think that tomorrow you will need to go to the dentist?

    You are in the waiting room waiting for your turn. How are you feeling?

    Imagine how you are entering the dentist room and you notice the typical smell.

    You are lying on the dentist chair and a dentist enters the room.

    You look at the radiography together with the dentist and talk about what should be done.

    How do you feel when you hear that the doctor will eliminate the tooth stains right now?

    The dentist explains you that you have tooth decay and he will treat it.

    The position of the chair changes and the dentist is preparing the injection.

    Imagine that you hear the typical noise of the dental drill. How do you feel?

    The dentist explains you that the caries is too deep and the tooth has to be extracted.

    The dentist will extract a tooth, and an injection has already been made. The dentist takes the instrument...

How does your body react when you have to visit a dentist?

    Attacks of sweat:
    Need to vomit:
    Respiratory distress:
    Shortness of breath:
    Thoughts of suicide:
    Fear of losing control:
    Chest or heart pain:

Other reactions:

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