Pediatric dentistry

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The dental phobia is a fear that appears in the childhood

Pediatric dentistry or children’s dentistry:

The best way to avoid the fear of the dentist is to visit him from a young age.
Dr. Mireia Velasco

Pediatric dentistry is a field of dentistry responsible for diagnosis, prevention and comprehensive treatment of the children’s oral and dental problems.

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Treatment for children – Pediatric dentistry:

A preliminary visit should be arranged for a child before the treatment is started, in order to familiarize him more with the environment of the dental clinic.

We must tell the truth to a child but without emotional exaggerations.
It is a very important function of the pediatric dentist. It has the same function as a pediatrician and a school professor so that a child learns how to control his behavior and anxiety in dentist’s room. The technique “tell me – show me – do it”, as well as the exposition and introduction of the dental instruments to a child, as well as gingering a child up when he follows the instructions of the dentist.

Items that may increase the stress or anxiety of a child (such as fixators or blocks to keep the mouth of the child open) should be eliminated.

Duration and time of the visit: For the children of the preschool age the doctor visit should be short (less than 30 minutes) till a child gets familiarized with the instruments. For preschoolers it is also better to arrange the doctor visits in the morning since at this time of the day children are not yet tired, there are less delays in visits (less time to wait in a waiting room) and the specialist is more fresh.

It would be better if the parents do not enter inside the dentist room with a child from 3.5 years age. The fact that a parent is staying inside can distract the dentist, and the child will try to attract attention and make parents feel compassion, who will justify that a child wants to postpone the dental treatment.
We should avoid a famous saying: “Did he hurt you?” Or also: “Do not worry, doctor, I will talk to my son”.

Although most of the parents affirm to explain their children about the treatment, the pediatric dentist should explain all about the treatment and not parents.

Relaxation and distraction techniques /Audioanalgesia

Psycopharmaceuticals: (diazepam, etc)


Preventive measures

Our team is sensitized on the dental phobia, or fear of dentists, which usually appears in the first visits. This is why it is essential to create an ambient of trust with specialized medical doctors.

Annual examinations, teaching how to brush teeth properly, control the caries and prevention of the pathologies guarantees a better oral and dental health into adult age.

Dentists advise to take children to the dental clinics from the very small age. It is about making them feel comfortable and eliminate any fear that they might have only by familiarizing them with the place. The introduction of the dentist in the children’s life makes the relation with the dentist closer and prevents some phobias such as dental phobia from developing.

Childhood is the time when we should learn the habits of good oral hygiene. It is essential to learn how to brush teeth properly or to know what fluoride is in this age. Children must be aware that their good care about their teeth will bring them benefits in the future.

This work is done by pediatric dentists who are specialized in treating the children’s oral health. Using games and prizes pediatric dentists try to entertain the doctor visits and make them fun. “Creating the ambient of trust is very important” confirmed by dentists. Converting the dental visits in something common and knowing the doctor personally also increases confidence. In fact this is one of the aspects taken into account by the team of Grup Doctor Blade.

The dental phobia is a fear that appears in the childhood

The fear of dentists is common for the majority of people in our society. When we have a dental problem the first thing that comes to our mind is pain.

This perception can end up being unhealthy and cause dental fears, known by the name of dental phobia. Individuals with dental phobia have insomnia, cry in the dental clinic and may even get sick.

The irrepressible panic to the dentist is a trauma acquired in childhood. The memories of the dentist we have from childhood limit us and make us obsessive till an incomprehensive fear is developed. For this reason, the treatment of the dentists to the children is that important, even more than professional skills. In fact pediatric dentistry is a specialization lasting two years. This is why the childhood is that important in the attitude of the adults while visiting the dentist.

In order to get done with the dental phobia it is essential that the dentists made pleasant the stay of children in the dental clinic, and give them incentives or gifts for good behavior. It is also necessary to avoid expressions like “he will not hurt you” or “it will be only a prick”, because it can scare a child. With all this the dentist pretends to build trust that a patient needs and make him be aware that the beautiful smile is a healthy smile.

Dr. Blade is sensitized with dental phobia and aims all his dental practice to offer comfortable conditions for the patients including small children.

Treatments for children that have fear of dentists


These children can be treated at the first stage only under sedation.

To the signs of the lack of cooperation and tension demonstrated by a child that has a certain grade of anxiety a negative behavior is added:

The child doesn’t open his mouth, closes with his hands, turns his head aside, kicks, puts the specialist off with jerks.

For these children psycopharmaceuticos are not effective any more.

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