LED Teeth whitening

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Advantage of tooth whitening LED

We are specialists, we like what we do and we do it well. We will whiten your teeth stained with time, or as a result of drinking coffee, wine, smoking, etc… without any harm to the health of your natural teeth.

We will whiten your teeth quickly, safely, naturally and with no pain.

Clínica Dental Dr Bladé

The use of our exclusive laser guaranties: we will whiten your teeth in less than an hour safely: with no anesthesia and no pain. Further following the dental care techniques at home you will save the whiteness of your teeth for a long time.

This treatment attains a lighter color of the teeth making them whiter and brighter. Thanks to the new painless, quick and effective techniques, we can remove most stains caused by medications, smoking, as well as by drinks such as: tea, coffee and wine.

Definitive teeth whitening in one hour is a pioneered concept in dental aesthetics and fashion with its innovative therapeutic approaches developed by the team directed by Dr. Blade in Barcelona.


LED teeth whitening improves your smile and the quality of life. The patient can shine his white and bright teeth again thanks to this treatment. Among the different types of LED whitening, the teeth whitening QuickWhite applies the latest techniques with a perfect finish in less than an hour. The use of specific gel and a special light assures that the enamel loses stains and the whitening is more secure and effective.


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More info http://www.quickwhite.es

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