Invisible orthodontics or Invisalign

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Invisible orthodontic treatment – Invisalign

It is the most advanced process to align teeth without wires or clips. Thanks to the computerized technology a diagnosis is determined, besides the final results and appearance of teeth can be seen before starting the treatment. The transparent removable aligners are produced specially for each patient and are being replaced every two weeks.

Invisalign® treatment plan tailored for you

Before elaborating the treatment plan, an impression of your teeth will be taken in order to make sure that they can be aligned with the help of the Invisalign system. Once this possibility is confirmed, a ClinCheck® detailed treatment plan (our 3D virtual treatment plan) is elaborated. ClinCheck displays the estimated movement of your teeth throughout the treatment, so that you could see the eventual result of this treatment before even having started it.

Can I put them on and take them out when I need 

In order to remove the fixed braces it is necessary to visit a professional dentist. Therefore using it may hinder the process of proper cleaning of teeth and gums, and limit the list of food products that can be consumed without problems.

Since Invisalign aligner trays can be removed at any time during the treatment, you can eat whatever you want, maintain good oral hygiene and take them out for short periods of time for special occasions, such as wedding or important meetings. Thus they don’t affect your everyday routine.

ortodoncia invisible

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