Dental implants

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Which dentals implants are the best

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is simply a small titanium screw which is placed into the superior or inferior jawbone forming what will be a new tooth root. Once the new root, in other words a dental implant, has been perfectly integrated into the bone, a corresponding crown or a fixed bridge will be placed so that we have new stable, functional, and safe teeth in their correct place and forever.

What are the dental implants for?

They are a substitute of the natural teeth that return stability, functionality and appearance of the teeth. Through a small titanium screw the implants are placed into the bone according to the determined and personalized structure.



implante dental


The treatment step by step

First step: Studying and planning

We design a personalized plan of each dental implant treatment

Implantes paso 1


Studying and planning

Second step: Collocation of the implants

We place implants with the help of the guided surgery technique that through computer study of your mouth allows us to place the new teeth barely opening the gum which decreases the inflammation and eliminate pain after the intervention.

Implantes paso 2

Collocation of the implants

Third step: Fabrication of the permanent teeth

Two months later and when the implants have integrated into the bone, and the healing period has passed, a post (abutment) will be connected on each dental implant. This abutment is a connector between the implant and the crown that fixes the tooth in a stable way.

Implantes paso 3

Fabrication of the permanent teeth

Fourth step: Collocation of the permanent teeth

Once the permanent teeth are ready, we simply place and fix them on the abutments

Implantes paso 4

Collocation of the permanent teeth


Click the following link to watch how the implant is placed

What can I do not to feel anything either before, during or after the collocation of the implants?

Open this link of the Sedentist program and we will explain you

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