Dental implants and treatment in one day

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Dental implants and treatments in one single visit with no pain: SmyleOne

A new smile in one day, in one single visit

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To be able to smile you don’t need unnumbered visits to the dentist’s room. We can offer you a healthy smile ready to shine your beautiful teeth.

The program SmyleOne with specialized equipment and latest technologies at its disposal finds a solution to any pathology and improves the oral aesthetics in one day, with one single visit.

SmyleOne personalized planning requires a preliminary visit, in which a personalized study of your teeth is made. During this session we make records and digital x-ray study of the 3D image that ensures the success of the treatment and allows us to design the dental prosthesis that will be placed the same day of the intervention.

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After that you can already apply the SmyleOne:

SmyleOne offers a comprehensive treatment of surgery and implantation the same day. All in one session and painless.

What does SmyleOne consist of?

All the necessary treatments so that you could smile again can be made just in one session. Both the extractions and implant placement are performed with minimally invasive computer guided surgery, always under conscious sedation monitored by an anesthesiologist.

What kind of program is it and what are the steps to follow to perform the SmyleOne treatment?


What is an immediate dental implant?

How we design your smile?
What is the price of this treatment?

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