Dental fear: treatment with sedation

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Dental fear

The sedation consists of total elimination of fear and anxiety. It is a solution to go to the dentist without pain.

In no time you will feel the injection, nor will you see the a syringe needle or hear the noises that might provoke your discomfort and trigger the anxiety. I will just be “sleeping “, and this is the level of dreaming that provides a state in which the patient is not aware of what is going on.


There are many different indications for treatment with sedation.

  • In adult patients with phobia, anxiety or panic of the dentists when performing dental treatments.
  • In patients that require treatments in one single session for their better comfort.
  • In special situations: patients with extensive pathologies, bad behavior, systemic pathologies, specific syndrome and traumatic injures (e.g. patients with Parkinson disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Down’s syndrome, etc).
  • In patients with little time available or those who arrived from other provinces, since this allows us to dramatically decrease the number of sessions needed for any dental treatment especially for implantology.
  • In children when it is not possible to perform a conventional dental treatment.

sin miedo al dentista


Until now getting  a healthy and beautiful smile required a continuous visit, and even sometimes long waiting periods in a dental waiting room. With treatments with sedation you will reduce the number of visits and overcome any fear.


Treatment with sedation

One of the most common treatments in which we apply conscious sedation techniques refers to oral surgery and when it comes to the implant collocation to rehabilitate the mastication (chewing) function.


How can we help you?

The objective of this program is to help you overcome the fear of dentists, improve your smile and chewing ability but first of all to make your quality of life better.


SEDENTIST Program: We will help you to overcome your dental fear

Sedentist, only 3 visits to overcome the panic of the dentists

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Our staff and facilities

Grup Dr. Bladé has a team of specialized professionals and an exclusive service aimed at those patients who undertake the SEDENTIST treatment in order to overcome their fear of the dentist.


Relaxation techniques to overcome the dental fear

The great majority of patients that visit a dental room demonstrate at least some degree of discomfort, tension or fear of the dentist. This is why when the patient is taken to the SEDENTIST program, a caring and friendly treatment helps a lot.


Treatment of the children with dental fear

A preliminary visit should be arranged for a child before the treatment is started, in order to familiarize him more with the environment of the dental clinic.

Our staff is familiar with dental phobia. We must tell the truth to a child but without emotional exaggerations.
It is a very important function of the pediatric dentist. It has the same function as a pediatrician and a school professor so that a child learns how to control his behavior and anxiety in a dentist’s room. The technique “tell me – show me – do it”, as well as the exposition and introduction of the dental instruments to a child, as well as gingering a child up when he follows the instructions of the dentist.


If you want to know your grade of anxiety or dental fear, please, fill in this QUESTIONNAIRE

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