One of the main treatments of aesthetics that we demand in dental clinics is tooth whitening. Many patients worry about having one white teeth, which ensure a beautiful and careful smile.

Teeth whitening is explained in a simple way. Today there are techniques that, applied in the dentist’s office, help us whiten teeth in various shades. However, there are many methods of oral whitening that exist today.

Before understanding what it is and how teeth whitening is done, it is necessary to understand why teeth darken. Only through the years, the teeth tend to look more yellow. This occurs due to the wear of the dental enamel, which is becoming increasingly transparent, allowing the yellow color of the dentin to be more evident.

If at the natural pace of time we add some unhealthy habits, such as not brushing teeth, smoking or consuming color drinks, the teeth darkening can worsen and accelerate.

Causes of tooth coloration

  • Smoking: tobacco allows the teeth to darken, presenting a yellow or dark color.
  • Drink beverages and coloring foods, such as red wine or coffee.
  • Bad oral hygiene.
  • Dental caries and other oral diseases.
  • Dental fractures that damage the nerves of the teeth.
  • Some medications, such as tetracyclines, can cause stains on the teeth.

How to make a teeth whitening?

The advances in aesthetic dental treatments allow us to offer several options of teeth whitening to our patients. At Grup Dr. Bladé we always recommend whitening the smile under the supervision of a specialized dentist, since some home procedures could damage oral health.

Types of teeth whitening

1. Led whitening

This treatment is carried out in the dental clinic and offers optimal results while very safe. During the session, which usually does not last more than an hour, the dentist applies a whitening gel, always protecting the gums. By means of a led light system, the whitening gel compounds are activated, reducing the color of the teeth considerably.

2. Teeth whitening at home

Dental whitening at home is always done under the orders and supervision of a dentist. The patient must go to the dental clinic to undergo control checks and verify that the procedure is being successful.

3. Mixed teeth whitening

This is the type of teeth whitening that we usually recommend in our clinics. It combines the two previous options, that is to say, a whitening with led light is carried out in the dentist’s office and later sessions are made at home with a special whitening gel. Thus the results are more durable and better.

4. Internal teeth whitening

Internal tooth whitening is also known as whitening of non-vital teeth. The peculiarity of this procedure is that the bleaching agent is introduced inside the tooth, in order to return its natural target.

It is a painless procedure, which does not require the application of anesthesia. Internal whitening can only be carried out on teeth that have previously undergone endodontics, commonly known as killing the nerve.

Questions about teeth whitening

What is tooth whitening with covers?

Basically it is the option to whiten teeth at home. In the clinic some covers are made that must be used together with the bleaching gel.

Can you do a whitening without damaging the teeth?

Of course, but it is very important that these aesthetic treatments are always carried out with the authorization and instructions of a dentist.

What is the least aggressive tooth whitening?

The less aggressive whitening is the one done with the lowest concentrations of peroxide. Normally, homemade whitening is usually the softest.

Which is the most durable and most effective whitening?

Undoubtedly, mixed teeth whitening is the one that offers a better duration after treatment, as well as a much greater effectiveness. Combining both techniques and reinforcing the procedure with the covers at home usually leads to very good results.

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