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    Lumineers dental veneers represent the biggest advance in dental aesthetics. This type of veneers do not require pre-cutting of the tooth. In addition, they are ultra resistant and the procedure to place them is minimally invasive, since it is not necessary to use anesthesia during the treatment at the dentist.

    In our dental clinics in Barcelona we have the specific certification to perform treatments with Lumineers veneers. This is very important, since there are very few laboratories that manufacture this type of aesthetic solutions. Our specialized dentists analyze the dental needs of the patient and establish a personalized treatment plan, in order to achieve a healthy, beautiful and lasting smile.

    carillas dentales lumineers

    We can say that it is a subtype of porcelain veneers. The Lumineers are made with a special porcelain, very resistant. But, the main peculiarity of these veneers is that they are ultra thin. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to carve the tooth for its placement.

    A Lumineers veneer measures 0.3 millimeters thick, compared to the 0.8 – 1.5 millimeters that conventional porcelain veneers usually measure. To get an idea, Lumineers are more or less the size of a contact lens.

    Thanks to the technological advances in aesthetic dentistry, it is possible to place dental veneers without having to resort to tooth carving. In this sense, Lumineers are a completely reversible procedure, something that does not happen with conventional porcelain veneers.

    Today we can choose from a total of 10 different shades for the Lumineers. All this without reducing the quality of the smile and the final result. Due to the porcelain used in its manufacture, the resistance of these dental veneers is even better than that provided by other materials. In addition, they create a translucent effect, which closely resembles natural teeth.

    Lumineers veneers step by step

    If to place the classic porcelain veneers a minimum of 3 sessions are necessary in the dental clinic, in the case of the Lumineers we only need two sessions. On the first visit, our aesthetic dentists will review and analyze the patient’s needs. At this time, the radiographs and molds necessary for the design of the smile are made. The patient, with the advice of the dentist, chooses the color of the veneers. The best thing about the procedure is that through the quality computer software with which we work it is possible to see the final result in 3D.

    With the personalized treatment plan in progress, we send everything necessary to the specialized laboratory to design the veneers. Once received, they are placed through a minimally invasive and fairly fast procedure. Usually within approximately one hour, it is possible to end the treatment. All this without pain or anesthesia, and without carving the natural teeth.

    Advantages of Lumineers veneers

    There are many advantages to resorting to aesthetic dental treatments with Lumineers veneers. Taking into account that it is very thin porcelain sheets, which adhere to the tooth directly, we avoid pain during the session in the dental clinic, betting on non-invasive procedures, which offer spectacular results.

    1. Veneers without dental carving
    One of the main advantages is that with the Lumineers we eliminate the need to carve the tooth. With another type of dental veneers this step is important, since it is necessary to reduce the size (thickness) of the natural teeth so that the result is aesthetic. Thanks to this, we achieved a radiant smile in a short time and without pain. In addition, it is a reversible dental treatment.

    2. Dental sensitivity
    The conventional porcelain veneers can generate certain tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods during the first days after placement. This is because the natural teeth have been subjected to a previous carving, which causes some later discomfort. With the Lumineers veneers we avoid this at the root, since it is not necessary the previous carving.

    3. Duration of treatment
    Placing the Lumineers is much easier and faster, because the process of pre-preparation of the tooth is very short. The placement of conventional veneers can last several hours because you have to carve each tooth in order to obtain a natural result.

    4. Most natural result
    A very important advantage has to do with the final result. Lumineers dental veneers are made with a special porcelain, which allows better the passage of light, generating a smile that closely resembles natural teeth. In addition, they are a very aesthetic and durable option.

    Lumineers dental veneers: before and after

    In Grup Doctor Bladé we take into account health as well as dental aesthetics. Therefore, we only choose to perform oral treatments with the best materials on the market. In these photos you can see the before and after with Lumineers veneers. As you can see, the result is so natural that it is impossible to perceive that we are not seeing the original teeth.

    In terms of prices, Lumineers are the most expensive veneers in the market today, but it is also the most durable and resistant option. In our dental clinic we offer you a previous budget, without commitment, depending on the needs of your mouth.

    In the visit to our clinics the specialized aesthetic dentist previously analyzes the needs of the patient’s teeth. The main objective is to assess if, with an oral veneer procedure, functionality problems are solved or it is important to use orthodontics as a dental treatment.

    How long are Lumineers veneers?

    Talking about an exact duration of dental veneers, whether Lumineers, porcelain or composite, is somewhat complicated. The duration of the perfect smile will depend on many factors, such as daily habits, dental hygiene, etc. However, the average length of Lumineers veneers is around 20 years. It is one of the most durable dental aesthetic options. Of course, regular visits to the dentist are essential to extend the life of the veneers.

    Opinions on Lumineers dental veneers are usually really positive. In fact, the most radiant smiles of Hollywood actors and actresses are due to the use of these aesthetic procedures.

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