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    Having undertaken an extensive research and testings we have selected the best aesthetic composite materials available today to restore the teeth in its ideal morphology in order to create a beautiful and natural smile.

    Using a new system of direct composite veneers it is possible to realize a high quality aesthetic dental restoration in a single session.

    Your smile is ready to shine

    Before undertaking any treatment on your smile we conduct a consultation in which we ask you to tell us what you would like to change in your teeth. Carefully evaluating a number of very specific aspects of your smile, including technical parameters such as the teeth size, the proportion, your smile line, angle and shape of the teeth, the incisal outline, gingival symmetry, aesthetics, labial outline and many others.

    The shape of the missing front teeth are recreated right in front of your eyes during your visit, by using polychromatic layering techniques we achieve an incredibly realistic look.

    Componeer Veneers

    With Componeer veneers we will convert your smile in a beautiful and natural one in one single session.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is it?

    It is a thin composite veneer that is fixed to the front part of the tooth. It corrects minor cosmetic flaws, spaces between teeth or malposition.
    Veneers are applied in just a single session. The dentist will place veneers one by one and you will get an aesthetic smile, white and natural, without no need to be in a prosthetic laboratory, saving your visits and time.

    What are veneers made of?

    Generally the material used is porcelain produced in a dental laboratory, and the placement of veneers requires minimum two visits, but the Componeer veneers are made of composite material, resin of a high strength quality produced in Switzerland. These veneers are pre-fabricated and polymerized of a nano-hybrid composite.

    What can we achieve with these veneers?

    • More beautiful teeth in a single visit.
    • Minimal invasive treatment since there is almost NO need to treat the tooth.
    • These veneers are durable.
    • Economical and aesthetic solution.
    • Customized solution
    • High quality finishes

    What are the advantages of these veneers?

    • They can be placed in just a single session and require no participation of the dental laboratory.
    • Your dentist can show you the final result before placing them.
    • They are much more economical since they do not require the added cost of any dental laboratory.
    • The best customization options.
    • A high quality result and an excellent aesthetic result.

    Who can undertake the procedure of placing the Componeer veneers for me?

    Only dentist rigorously selected by the manufacturer for a proper placement of Componeer veneers can perform this treatment, thus we offer this exclusive service in our clinics.

    How are they applied?

    During the same visit we will assess your oral health and the general condition of your teeth to be restored. The hue of the tooth is selected, the teeth are prepared for Componeer veneers to be applied, the veneers are placed on the teeth and enhance brightness.

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