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    Dental aesthetics is a complex array of treatments created to design the patient’s smile. Undertaking the aesthetic dental treatment you will improve your smile and quality of life.

    Dental aesthetics is very important since, as its name suggests, it covers everything related to the beauty, aesthetics or beautifying your teeth, in its very different ways and possibilities.

    At any age… a beautiful smile lights up the face and makes it more attractive. Among the aesthetic services we offer, the most featured are dental whitening, metal-free zirconia crowns, dental veneers from porcelain or zirconia and invisible orthodontic treatment.

    We have the latest advanced technologies to attain more beautiful smiles

    A beaming smile is the best way to communicate optimism and joy
    Dr. Cristina Martí

    Having an attractive smile affects the person’s self-esteem. Aesthetic dental procedures are orchestrated to design smiles, assuring at the same time healthy and beautiful teeth. Treatments that improve a personal image are teeth bleaching, crowns and veneers, and invisible braces.

    A nice smile, white teeth, being young and healthy – these are the utmost needs of the people in our society nowadays. The desire to be beautiful has being studied for years, and researchers have found that there is a strong relation between being beautiful and self-confidence…

    This relation has been studied first of all for cosmetic surgery, but the smile has a predominant role in the appearance of a person. “A smile has a huge impact on the perception of attractiveness and personality of a person”.

    A smile is as related to the attractiveness for the opposite sex as is the perception of being smart, successful, friendly, happy, sensitive or nice.

    These conclusions can explain why many patients visit dentists for aesthetic reasons more often than for the reason of having a medical disorder.

    Dentistry is not only a case of dental filling and extraction of teeth, just as it was for many years. Nowadays many people recourse to “cosmetic dentistry” as a way to improve their appearance, like many others who would use aesthetic surgery or even make a new haircut. Treatments can be used to straighten, whiten, reshape and repair teeth. Cosmetic treatments include veneers, crowns, bridges, fillings of the same color as the tooth, implants and dental whitening.

    Dental Fashion

    We believe in a modern concept and a concept of the Dental Fashion. Dental Fashion is a human relation, it is about listening, advise, personalize your treatment, it is about giving you the best the technology can do for you, it is about beauty, health, aesthetics, it is about an attractive smile, a shining smile, a healthy smile.

    It is because technology and people don’t need to be separated, because there are no two similar persons, because there are no two similar smiles.

    Perfect smile in just a single session thanks to the final technique of Dental Architecture is able to resolve the most obvious problems of the alignment or loss of enamel in reliable and healthy way, without orthodontistry, anesthesia or pain.

    Teeth which during its life contact with food, cigarettes or coffee, are obtaining dark colorations.

    If we remember the teeth we had in childhood, we will see that they were much whiter than those we have today. The color of our teeth is an attribute of our age, so darkening is normal.

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