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In Grup Dr. Bladé we continue to grow to reach many more patients. We are pleased to announce that we have recently reached an agreement with the EIX MACIA health center in Sabadell, creating Eix – Grup Dr. Bladé, where we have opted to offer all our dental services.

It is worth mentioning our modern and innovative facilities, equipped with the most avant-garde technology and adapted to the needs of all audiences. From this new dental center we offer all our services in dentistry, betting, as always, for the highest quality. From implantological surgeries, to hygienic or dental whitening, going through any of the services with conscious sedation and aesthetic treatments, both dental and facial. All this, using the best materials and betting on a personalized treatment, hallmark of all the clinics of Grup Dr. Bladé.

Our professionals have been trained in the most prestigious universities and continue their constant training to offer the most innovative and current services. At Eix – Grup Dr. Bladé we cover all dental specialties. From pediatric dentistry to sedation techniques to treat patients suffering from odontophobia or fear of the dentist.

Our clinic in Sabadell also has Invisaling aesthetic orthodontic treatments. In addition, we are experts in facial and dental rejuvenation following minimally invasive techniques.

Sabadell in a pioneer city in the Catalan industrial revolution and we could not leave aside the creation of a dental clinic that advocates for quality and personalization in this environment. The EIX MACIA health center has become a neuralgic point of Sabadell, offering different health services, to which we now join the professionals of Grup Dr. Bladé.

The location of the center is ideal, located next to shopping centers and a beautiful park where the native fauna and flora of the city live.

Parking in the area is extremely easy, allowing the comfort of each of the patients who visit us.

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At Grup Doctor Bladé we want to ensure the happiness and loyalty of our clients, and that is why we offer advantages so that going to the dentist is not a headache. Also, we do not close at noon so you have the opportunity to go whenever you want to visit with your trusted specialist.

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