Composite dental veneers

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Composite dental veneer advantages

With COMPONEER veneers we will provide you with an attractive smile with beautiful and natural teeth, and all that only in one session.

Innovative, quick, wonderful.


Having undertaken an extensive research and testings we have selected the best aesthetic composite materials available today to restore the teeth in its ideal morphology in order to create a beautiful and natural smile.

Using a new system of direct composite veneers it is possible to realize a high quality aesthetic dental restoration in a single session.

Your smile is ready to shine

Before undertaking any treatment on your smile we conduct a consultation in which we ask you to tell us what you would like to change in your teeth. Carefully evaluating a number of very specific aspects of your smile, including technical parameters such as the teeth size, the proportion, your smile line, angle and shape of the teeth, the incisal outline, gingival symmetry, aesthetics, labial outline and many others.

The shape of the missing front teeth are recreated right in front of your eyes during your visit, by using polychromatic layering techniques we achieve an incredibly realistic look.

carillas dentales composite

Componeer Veneers

With Componeer veneers we will convert your smile in a beautiful and natural one in one single session.


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