Bruxism: teeth grinding

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Why bruxism happens

Bruxism affects seven people out of ten

Pain in jaws, muscle aches and contractions in the neck area or tooth wear. These symptoms may cause bruxism, the name by which involves the activity of involuntary teeth grinding during sleeping. Although it may seem a strange habit, in recent years it has increased by 30% and currently seven out of ten adults have bruxism.

Solution for bruxism

bruxismo dental

Dental physiotherapy soothes jaw pains and in the entire body

Teeth grinding can be normal if we are experiencing a period of stress or just got this habit. There are physiotherapists who specialize in the treatment of the temporo-mandibular joints in order to sooth the pain provoked by the clenching activity. This is a service offered by some dental clinics, aimed to avoid the maintenance of this bad habit that can damage teeth and deteriorate the general well-being of the person.

Dental physiotherapy

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