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The Grup Dr. Blade has 25 years of experience developing its teamwork both on a medical level with our assistant and patient care staff, having high qualification for our medical team, personalized service and attention to a patient are very important to us. This allows us meet all the medical and human needs of our patient and his family. Our goal is to provide you with high quality dental treatment at reasonable prices.

Our facilities are designed and furnished in order to make the patient stay in a relaxed atmosphere, get a well-being feeling of complete calm. Your smile and your oral health are very important to us, since we want you to not only get white and beautiful teeth, but also express your emotions, so that it brings a benefit to your personal relations.

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Grup Bladé – Your dentist in Barcelona

In dentistry, as in all health sciences, teamwork is more and more important each day, as you can’t expect a single dentist to know and be able to apply all the treatments that we can offer our patients today. Only in this way can our patients benefit from the most advanced techniques from multiple medical professionals.

We utilize the latest technologies, such as guided surgery techniques, the Sedentist system and aesthetic composite veneers.

The SEDENTIST program is exclusively for those patients who have fear of dentists, which guarantees that a patient will neither feel, nor notice anything before or during the treatment, and all this is realized with a minimally invasive technique that is able to make the postoperative period quick and painless.

Besides it worth emphasizing that our clinics are accredited and legalized by the Health Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya to administer treatments with sedation, under permanent supervision of our anesthesiologist medical staff.

Emergency Tel: 657 84 87 55 (7 – 24h)

Contact: 93 405 29 29 

Dental treatments

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Dental implants

It is the substitute for the natural pieces that return stability, functionality and appearance to teeth.


Orthodontics is responsible for the study and treatment of problems related to the alignment and disorder of teeth.

Teeth whitening

We will make disappear the darkening of your teeth caused by time, coffee, wine, tobacco etc … without any damage to your natural tooth.

Dental veneers

The purpose of dental veneers is to provide a harmonious smile by correcting a tooth that is worn, stained, fractured or slightly misaligned.

We are specialists in painless treatments.

Contact us and we will advise you on the steps to follow if you have not been to the dentist for a long time for fear of pain or past traumas.


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Víctor Manuel Cazorro

Implants have been the definitive solution to my problem. An investment that I do not regret.

Víctor Manuel Cazorro68 years old - Implantology
Carme Marí

Leaving aesthetics aside, I knew that the functionality of my teeth was in danger. I did not even dare to smile.

Carme Marí52 years old – Implants
Mònica Alcañiz

I have never compared prices. I do not put my teeth at risk. Dr. Bladé and his team give me all the confidence I need.

Mònica Alcañiz53 years old - Implants and veneers

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Our facilities are designed and set so that the patient is in a relaxed environment and get a state of wellness, feeling completely calm. For us your smile and your oral health are very important, because we not only want you to have white teeth and beautiful but also to express their emotions and to report a benefit in their personal relationships.

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